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Drew Lasker

April 22, 2011
Eagles Take First Leg Lead In Semi-Final

BBL Championship Play-offs Semi Final, First Leg Newcastle Eagles 76 (26,40,61) (Lasker 29, Smith/Jackson/Bridge 9) One Health Sharks Sheffield 68 (19,34,54) (Babalola 17, Stout 15, Tuck 11) Newcastle Eagles drew first blood in the BBL Championship Play-off Semi-Finals as they came out on top in the first leg by a score of 76-68 over the…

April 20, 2011
Reggie And Drew Make Team Of The Week

There have not been many more important times during the current season for our players to put in stellar performances than during the BBL play-off quarter-finals over the weekend. In addition, it was also the last opportunity for them to try and make our all-important starting five as we bring you the very last BBL…

April 6, 2011
Drew Lasker Prepares For His Eagles Home Debut

A couple of weeks ago the only thing on Drew Lasker’s mind was marrying his beautiful bride and settling into married life. Now he is potentially just a few games away from winning a BBL title with the Eagles and hours away from making his home debut at Sport Central. How does it feel to…