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Central Venue League Under 10’s Division

Our Under 10’s division is aimed at children from ages 6 to 10 years. This block which is running from September to January consists of 29 teams, set out in 3 divisions (fixtures below) The teams come from our 13 ECF clubs. (Click on club name to view their Facebook page)

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Under 10’s Rules

  1. 4v4 basketball across the width of a full-size court shooting into 8 feet high baskets.
  2. 16-minute half’s, running clock games with one referee.
  3. Whilst games are competitive and scores are kept during the game, we do not keep league tables.
  4. After a basket first inbound pass allowed
  5. foul shots will have no line up, After the final shot it will be a dead ball.
  6. No timeouts throughout the game.


Under 10’s Divison 1

Under 10’s Division 2

Under 10’s Division 3