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Central Venue League – Under 12s Division

Under 12’s

Our Under 12’s division consists of 37 teams, In 3 divisions (fixtures below) from our 13 ECF clubs. (Click on club name to view their Facebook page)

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Under 12’s Rules

  1. Each game will consist of two 16-minute periods, running clock with 1 centralised clock for all. Half time will be no more than 1 minute. 
  2. Each game will be preceded by a warm-up of a minimum of 1-minute and a maximum of 3 minutes, to be determined by the CVL officer present. 
  3. Free throws will be awarded on the 7th team foul in each half, all team fouls thereafter until the end of the half. 
  4. Foul shots awarded can be shot from up to 3 feet closer than the usual foul line at the players discretion. There will be no foul line violations. 
  5. Foul Shots will have no line up. After the final foul shot the ball will be a dead ball and will need to be taken from the base line. 
  6. In Group A full court defence can be played up to a point where the team playing that defence reaches a 10-point lead. 
  7. In Group B & C teams must retreat to the half court after a made basket or any in-bounds in a teams own half of the court. 
  8. Any player who reaches five personal fouls will be disqualified from the game. 
  9. Any player who obtains either two technical fouls, two unsportsmanlike fouls or one of each will be disqualified from the game. 
  10. In the regular season tied games are possible. 
  11. In Group A full court defence can be played after a made basket up to a point where the team playing that defence reaches a 10 a point lead. Zone defence is not permitted 
  12. No timeouts throughout the game. 


Click link for Fixtures

Under 12s Division 1

Under 12s Division 2

Under 12s Division 3