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Central Venue League – Under 16s Division

Under 16’s

Our Under 16’s division consists of 30 teams, In 3 divisions (fixtures below) from our 13 ECF clubs. (Click on club name to view their Facebook page)

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Under 16’s Rules

  1. Each game will consist of two 18-minute periods, running clock. Half time will be no more than 3 minutes. 
  2. The clock will be stopped only for dead balls within the last 60 seconds of last period. 
  3. Free throws will be awarded on the 8th team foul in each half, and all team fouls thereafter until the end of the half. 
  4. foul shots will have no line up for the first shot. This will be the time for players to huddle and work out a strategy. Line-up will be allowed for the final foul shot. 
  5. Any player who reaches five personal fouls will be disqualified from the game. 
  6. Any player who obtains either two technical fouls, two unsportsmanlike fouls or one of each will be disqualified from the game. 
  7. In the regular season tied games are possible. 
  8. Zone defence is not permitted 
  9. All players must be ECF members via the nest and signed up for CVL. 
  10. No timeouts for the whole game.
  11. Spectators to adhere to code of conduct. no coaching/shouting down onto the court

Fixtures :

Under 16’s Division 1

Under 16’s Division 2

Under 16’s Division 3




1KENTON A100030130
1HOOPSTARS A82218330
1NEG A93010230
4STBC A8318929
5HORNETS A570-3322
6ROYALS A471-4621
7NSBC A480-8120
8VIKINGS A352-2818
9PANTHERS A0110-37511
10MORPETH A160-1129
11HORNETS B00000
11TIGERS A00000


2HORNETS B6413224
2NEG B7303024
4TIGERS A6404422
5TIGERS B5412521
5KENTON B560-3321
7GOLIATHS B470-419
8GOLIATHS A370-14416
9NSBC B180-4611
10MORPETH A00000
10ROYALS B00000
10STBC A00000
10VIKINGS B00000


1NEG D90124629
2NEG C81124927
2STBC B81116327
4ROYALS B6403822
5HORNETS C451-7819
6VIKINGS B5305918
6NSBC C460-9418
8ROCKETS A370-8916
8HORNETS D370-11216
8KENTON C351416
11GOLIATHS C162-14513
12GOLIATHS D091-24111
13ROYALS C00000