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Central Venue League – Under 16s Division


U16 Division

Our U16 division consists of 11 teams from 10 separate clubs across Tyneside and Northumberland.

The division is subdivided into two separate groups.

Group A : Newcastle East Griffins, , Kenton Force, South Tyneside A, Westgate Hoopstars, Oxclose         

Group B : Ryton Rockets, Gosforth Goliaths,  Kingsmeadow Royals, Cardinal Hornets, STBC B, Cramlington Vikings   



Each game will consist of three 15 minute periods, running clock. Each period break is one minute. Players must sanitise after each period.

Each game will be preceded by a warm up of a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes, to be determined by the CVL officer present.

Each team will have two timeouts in each half over the entirety of the game. Using a timeout in the last two minutes  of the game will allow the ball to be advanced.

The clock will be stopped only for timeouts and dead balls within the last 60 seconds of each period.

Any non shooting non team control foul after the 6th team foul of each period will result in the award of two foul shots.

Any player who reaches five personal fouls will be disqualified from the games.

Any player who obtains either two technical fouls, two unsportsmanlike fouls or one of each will be disqualified from the game.

In the regular season a tied game will count as a tie.

All coaches must complete a team sheet prior to the game and sign the sheet as the correct score after the game.

All players must be BE members.