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October 26, 2017
What’s In A Name?

When I first saw Jaygun, oops sorry, Jaysean Paige in practice after he arrived on these shores it confirmed what I thought, somehow, some way Dave F had found an absolute star. See, I follow NCAA basketball through the winter too and West Virginia’s Mountaineers were a team I’d remembered. Why? Mainly because of their…

October 18, 2017
5 Reasons To Watch The Eagles

On Friday 13th October when the London Lions visited Sport Central to take on our Eagles we had another group of visitors back for the first time this season, the Rickelton family. Mum of three, Sam is the award winning blogger behind North East Family Fun and along with husband Steve they brought the kids to…

October 17, 2017

Sometimes the timing of a blog can be all important. As I made my way home from last Friday’s wonderful night’s entertainment I had already formulated in this little brain of mine my feelings ready to outpour them for your consideration. I awoke on Saturday feeling pretty much the same and the, life too over…

October 11, 2017
Look Forward? Look Back? Think Friday!

Well, that was a great weekend results wise and to be 3 – 0 going in to Friday’s game is exactly where we wanted and needed to be as make no mistake, this Friday is going to be very tough indeed. London indicated with their performances at The O2 that they looked serious contenders and…

September 30, 2017
It’s Roy Castle Time For Record Breaking Eagles

Well now, I wonder how many remember this? Record breaker, if you’re the tallest, the smallest, if you beat them all. If you’re the fattest, the thinnest, if you always win. If you’re the fastest, the slowest, if you really go. Then you’re a record breaker, A record maker. Yep, that’s exactly what did on…

September 29, 2017
It’s Here And Here We Go!

So after a hectic summer and a very successful pre-season that are all consigned to history, it’s time for the latest flock of Eagles to make some history of their own. The BBL is back baby and we attempted to lower The Force and get off on the right foot tonight in Leeds! The prep…

September 25, 2017
That Was The Weekend That Was

Okay then I guess you want my take and a little bit of inside insight on Sunday’s tournament. Once again, I thank Mr Blake, Mr Flournoy et al for allowing me my few words, not that it’s ever few, which are strictly my opinion. So, off we jolly well went and, there’s little to report…

September 19, 2017
Salou To Benfield And Next Stop London

Well that was a good weekend, now wasn’t it? The Rocks were well and truly rolled and Team Northumbria were blown away in the second half after a tight first half where they showed they have a really good squad. I interviewed TN Coach Marc Steutel after the game so won’t give too much away…

September 12, 2017
First Question Answered Tougher Ones To Come

Mmmmm not sure about the title of this one? I mean I kept telling you all to be excited, very excited and then we came out Friday night and bombed the **** out of Team USA Select displaying a style of basketball that was, well…… exciting! But and with the greatest respect to Team USA…