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January 19, 2019
It’s Everything A Home Court Should Be

Today’s guest writer is Simon Bird, a North-East based sports writer for the Daily Mirror, who attended our arena opening game against Plymouth Raiders last Friday night. Take your seat at the new Eagles Community Arena for the first time and you are struck by several emotions. It feel intimate, close to the action. It’s…

October 13, 2018
So Far So Good

So, on the eve of the All-Stars Tournament and with no home game this weekend nor any midweek articles written I guess I’ve got time to do a blog and hopefully create a bit of discussion and have a bit of fun. Obviously was going to start with the Men’s Team, although should it be…

September 21, 2018
Off We Go Again!

Ok, so I thought a little blog before opening night was appropriate but hey, sometimes life and other demands get in the way so here I am typing furiously just to get something down before the ball is thrown up and tipped off. The thing about putting this out there I the next hour or…

September 2, 2018
Belgium Day 5+1 – Lessons Learned, Oh-So Close and Goodbye For Now

So, the morning after the night before as well as the afternoon, evening, night, early morning and lunch-time the next day thrown in as I conclude my story of our waffling great Belgian adventure. Saturday dawned and I think a few of us awoke with sore heads. Not because of any after-match activities but more…

September 1, 2018
Belgium Day 4 – A Village Stroll and That Game

So, today is game-day and I’m guessing all of you who follow me, IRF and a couple of others, will know what happened in that game as my report is on-line and will have started dissecting the result. More of that though later! The day started pretty much as the last couple had, breakfast followed…

August 31, 2018
Belgium Day 3 – Groundhog Day and Who Are Charleroi

Ok then Day 3 and you may guess from the title that it was a very similar day to Day 2! Once again two practices for the guys who are really putting in the work and coming together with every minute spent on the court together. A great sense of camaraderie building as they start…

August 30, 2018
Belgium Day 2 – The Entente Cordiale

You know the expression, “things will look better in the morning,”? Well, they did! I slept all right, the shower was nice and you start to feel your way in to the whole adventure. Breakfast was communal so we got to see Spirou Charleroi and what appears to be a very fit, big and strong…

August 29, 2018
Belgium Day 1+

So, the real drama starts on Bank Holiday Monday with a text from Coach Forrester at 6:10am advising that Ahmad and Victor were stuck in Chicago having had their flight cancelled and would not therefore be arriving with Kyle from Belfast at 10:15am. This rather put a different slant on things with Fab expecting everyone…

August 13, 2018
What’s In A Name?

So, what’s in a name or is it where there’s a Williams there’s a way! Kai became our fifth signing of the summer to be announced last week once again joining his bro’ in the same ranks and bringing that Eagles continuity to the roster that Fab, Dave, Ian and dare I say I, like….