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April 1, 2018
The Facts Ma’am Just The Facts!

First, yes, it is April Fools Day but I’m posting this after 12:00pm so you know that it’s not a joke. Secondly, yes, it has been a long time since my last blog and for those thousands who have implored me to blog again, well the two or three of you anyway, I apologise for…

February 2, 2018
The Magnetic Appeal of The Eagles

It’s unusual for me to being doing a blog on the day of the game and I am probably being optimistic that many people will read it and to be honest I’m probably being optimistic that anybody reads my drivel at all but, here goes anyway. Really just wanted to cover three aspects. One of…

January 25, 2018
Apology? What Apology? Oh, That Apology!

So, it’s been a while but not ‘cos there was nothing to blog about, more I’ve been pretty busy with conventional Eagles work and TBH life in general which has been pretty tough recently. Bit like our performances on court. This weekend I had the chance to return to the bench and sit in what…

January 7, 2018
It’s Game On For Friday

First of all, a belated Happy New Year to you all. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2018 and all that you’d wish for yourself. A blog probably has been a bit overdue so let’s go! Discretion being the better part of valour I decided to forgo the long road trip to Bristol…

December 20, 2017
Time For Reflection?

So, what can I say, we reach Christmas second in the league and in the quarter-finals of the BBL Trophy with a home tie to look forward too. We may even get an indication of how that could go with our last game of 2017 being away in Sheffield. Many, if not all of you,…

December 8, 2017
What’s In A Squad?

Seems like a good time to launch another blog especially as I haven’t for over a week now. Perhaps this one will get lost in the myriad of all other things that will be going on this weekend, not least of which is tonight’s crucial game against The Scorchers. Plus, non-Eagles wise but very much…

December 5, 2017
A Date Night With A Difference

Eagles game nights are a great fun night out for adults and kids alike and on Friday 10th November when the Surrey Scorchers visited Sport Central so did Chloe McGuirk better known as the North East blogger New Girl In Toon. Chloe is the latest guest blogger we are featuring this season and here is…

November 30, 2017
The Curious Case Of The Missing Shoes

So, there I was standing outside in the pouring rain, water seeping up through the hallowed turf and flooding the whole venerable are with mud, mud, glorious mud. It was cold, it was wet, and it was glorious, the day had finally come. It’s been a long, long, long hard struggle and quite how Mr…

November 27, 2017
Home Again And Time To Reflect

Well, it was a very, very, very long trip back and a very quiet one too. I would hope and imagine a lot of reflection went on in those comfy leather seats as we blasted back up the highways and byways of this green and pleasant land to our own beds. Yesterday was a surprise….


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