So after a hectic summer and a very successful pre-season that are all consigned to history, it’s time for the latest flock of Eagles to make some history of their own.

The BBL is back baby and we attempted to lower The Force and get off on the right foot tonight in Leeds!

The prep is done, the scene is set and the players are about to take centre stage and boy are we all excited to get it under way and put that first marker of the new BBL season down.

Looks like our wonderful fans are too as there’s going to be one heckuva a large OOTA marching in to The Force’s stronghold to support, cajole and encourage us and I know the guys will appreciate that amazing backing you’ll offer.

Talk is one thing, paper profiles are another. All that really matters is what happens on-court and I get the impression that this group are ready and can’t wait to show you what they’re all about.

A long journey starts with a single step and let’s hope tonight’s is one that can get us bouncing on the right track to further glory.