When I first saw Jaygun, oops sorry, Jaysean Paige in practice after he arrived on these shores it confirmed what I thought, somehow, some way Dave F had found an absolute star. See, I follow NCAA basketball through the winter too and West Virginia’s Mountaineers were a team I’d remembered.

Why? Mainly because of their legendary coach Bob Huggins but also because they were and still are a storied basketball university playing in The Big 12 Conference and who regularly go to the Big Dance at the end of the season.

And, I remembered Jaysean playing for them and that meant when Dave told me he was signing I did a double-take. Had we really signed a player of that calibre and magnitude? Well, we had and have and boy what a star he’s proving to be right now.

Last week was the first time in a long time that I saw a player take a team on his back and lift them to heights that they previously had looked as if they couldn’t take. We were 4 – 0 we’d come back from 14 down the week before but this time it just looked a little unsurmountable.

Guess that’s why he was a Mountaineer as he scaled huge heights of his own and dragged the team with him in one of the most sensational personal individual performances I’ve ever seen. He’s some boy is our Jaygun, I hear you Drew Lasker, and if there’s a better player in this league then boy am I looking forward to seeing him!

Look, I don’t want to get carried away, but stop counting the votes, end all the speculation and announce it now, BBL MVP for 2017/18 is! No, stop it Uncle Jeff you are getting carried away and you’re being too darn disrespectful to the rest of the guys.

I like’s me nicknames. Some stick, some don’t. Some seem good at the time others are just too damn corny. So far an in-joke has led me to calling Jure “Smiler” and I have called Zarko “The Human Pogo Stick”, Saah IS Nims as it’s his own and “Kanga”Drew despite it being Mama G’s favourite and one I pinched has never quite caught on.

We have “D” “Double-D” and Fab is obviously Fab. I was going to call Terry “The Warrior” as Demetrius which is part of his moniker is quite a gladiatorial name.  Drew gave me “Jaygun” which I like and Mama G came up with “Kaisistency” which I really like.

So, that only leaves AJ but then it’s AJ isn’t it? So there you go. Are these ramblings leading anywhere I hear you ask? Well, yes and it takes me back to last Friday and the Jaygun Paige show. I actually think J-Gun looks better. And yes, I bow to Nims and Double-D for their huge contributions too.

In fact forget J-Gun and his heroics, the heroics came from the whole team, the coaching staff, the team management, the physios, the crowd, Howard, Dan and basically everyone inside Sport Central supporting The Eagles last week as we pulled off another Great Escape. Perhaps that should be our new theme tune?

So, are you ready for the punchline? Individual nicknames are one thing but when “The Cardiac Kids” are in Toon hold on to your hats as it’s going to be exciting!

Think I may have finally come down off the ceiling to rustle up these few words of rubbish ramblings but, WOW, 5 – 0 as we’re about to enter November and someone in wor teem averaging 26.6 points a game. One thing’s for sure, I’m looking forward to The BBL Monthly Awards next week.

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