Mmmmm not sure about the title of this one? I mean I kept telling you all to be excited, very excited and then we came out Friday night and bombed the **** out of Team USA Select displaying a style of basketball that was, well…… exciting!

But and with the greatest respect to Team USA Select, their players and coaching staff including the marvellous Mr Sean Kilmartin, they weren’t in the same league as us and therefore perhaps we just need to calm down, calm down?

That said, they had beaten Bristol the night before although they did have a couple of players from that win who couldn’t suit up on the night. Still, you can only beat what you have in front of you and judging by the reaction during the game you seemed to enjoy what you saw.

That was certainly the reaction of the few I spoke with after the game too and although we must be cautious and we know there are stiffer tests to come it was an encouraging start. The triples were raining in from everywhere, 19 of 29, and 40, yes 40! assists for a side playing together for the first time was even more impressive.

There were mistakes, there is certainly things to work on but, like I say, it was an impressive first outing and very encouraging too.

So, now, we await the arrival of The Rocks who opened their pre-season with an 86 – 67 wins over the same Team USA Select and that was without their USA big guy Billups as well as Achara, Fraser and Murray but with Joe Hart in their ranks. Not sure if Joe will be here Saturday or Billups but the others will.

A much sterner test then for The Guys followed on Sunday by Marc Steutel’s Team Northumbria. Steut’s has retained most of his Championship winning side from last season, a championship that has earned them a spot in The BBL Trophy this season. They will be anxious to show their senior partners their capabilities of that there is no doubt.

So, two tougher tests to look forward too and no doubt after both Fab, Dave and Ian will be a little bit closer to knowing what they’re going to get from The Guys and where they need to go to get to exactly where we all hope we’re going to get.

Unfortunately, I won’t be around to see the first test as family duties and the sun calls and I may not be back in time to see the second either but I’ll hear all about it I’m sure and I’m sure Statsboy Luke will keep my inbox e-mailed with the full details.

So, if you’re around and going and you should be going if you’re around then enjoy and take notes as I might well be asking questions next week.

As for next week? Well, that’ll be the build-up to the All-Stars Sunday at The O2 which is live on Sky Sports TV. Guessing therefore that exciting, excited or excitement is still the word then!