So, eight in or is it nine? We never announce Fab as a player but he’s still our Coach and he’s always said that when he stops playing he’ll stop coaching so, make of that what you will. Now if you want to go 5 x 5 in practice you need 10 players. Wonder if that means we still have one to come?

Then again, you can have 12 on the bench these days so perhaps we have 3 more to come or even 4 if Fab’s not playing. But, we also have Team Northumbria and our new Under-23’s so perhaps we’ll use them? Who knows? Well someone does and we’ll reveal all soon.

One thing is certain, it’s going to be different this year and very exciting too. I’m guessing most of you wouldn’t have seen AJ coming but probably did see Darius coming back? D’s back for what will be his 14th season. An incredible achievement and one he is rightly proud of.

His role this year, along with “Kanga”Drew, is certainly going to be an important one and he’s most definitely Fab’s chief lieutenant now having been here so long. You and we know what we get with D, he’s ultra-consistent and we expect he will be again so we’re delighted he’s back.

As I said earlier by next week you’ll all know what our final roster is. We think it’s a good one, we think it’ll challenge strongly and we think it’s chock full of quality. The trick is now to put those individuals together in to a team that plays with Fab’s philosophy, principles and systems.

If Fab, Ian and Dave with the minutest bit of help from me can do that then I’m happy to predict and say, “watch out BBL”!

We get the first chance to see them all as a team on Sept 8th v our good friend Sean Kilmartin’s Team USA Select, then it’s the 16th v Tony’s Rocks and then the 17th v Steut’s TN. All games we can use to gauge what we’ve got to do and what we’ve got in store.

Tickets are limited for all games especially the Benfield ones so don’t delay, order today!

Speaking of pre-season, a lot of folk have asked why no European sides this year? Well, with all that is going on with the new venue and of course Eurobasket 2017 there simply hasn’t been enough time to organise or indeed find teams that might be willing to travel.

So, it’s back to tried and trusted but make no mistake we loved bringing you those European games in the last two pre-seasons and we certainly intend to bring more if not even regular European competitions once we’re all nice and snug in our new home!

So, a lot happening and around The League too. Every day brings in a new player here and a new player there and the season one step closer. It’s all very exciting and very intriguing and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next and am very excited too.

One of the most interesting player announcements was Eddie to Plymouth, wonder whether Dave F will ever speak to him again. Guessing that even Dave might give Plymouth some slack given that the previous regime has gone but who knows but, we do wish Eddie well.

And what of Riders? They have been quiet and to me that means they’re working hard and keeping things close to their chest or at least Double-R are. Russ and Rob have worked hard to get Leicester right up there and I’m sure they’re going to be real challengers once again.

But that speculation is for another blog. Right now, I’m just excited and it has nothing to do with me seeing Miranda Lambert tomorrow night! This coming week will bring more news, I know that for certain. I think you might like what happens!