Seems like a good time to launch another blog especially as I haven’t for over a week now. Perhaps this one will get lost in the myriad of all other things that will be going on this weekend, not least of which is tonight’s crucial game against The Scorchers.

Plus, non-Eagles wise but very much Eagles connected is a little matter of another BBL Trophy 1st Round game at Sport Central this weekend with Worcester coming North to take on Steut’s Team Northumbria on Sunday, tip-off 6:30 pm. Should be a cracker.

Also, I’m more than aware I haven’t commented on the loss at Glasgow. Well, between Simon and myself and the players/coaches we interviewed, I think this week’s publications have pretty much nailed that and especially Simon’s excellent piece with Fab.

My personal opinion differs not much from the others. I looked at that game and am honest enough to admit I thought it would be a bounce-back game for us. It didn’t enter my head that we’d lose to a Rocks side without a recognised starting point guard.

They looked under-strength we looked strong, but it just shows you that the game is not played out on paper and what happens on the floor is what counts. I thought we’d win comfortably. That we didn’t shocked me, and I was disappointed.

Rocks just seemed readier for it and by the time we woke up to that it was too late and although we threatened a come-back in the final ten minutes that would have been harsh on Glasgow and the terrific team performance they put together.

We’ve had better nights and will do again but I sincerely hope that we don’t have many nights like that one again as that would spell trouble and to be honest with the talent at our disposal we shouldn’t have nights like that one. Let’s hope it’s well and truly behind us.

But back to the title of the blog. The England Commonwealth Games squad has been trimmed to 17. Darius, Drew and Kai are still in it and still have a shot at the final 12. As do two of our opponents tonight, Tayo Ogedengbe and Josh Steel so there’s more intrigue for tonight’s match-up.

Surprisingly Scorchers Jordan Williams was not in the original 24 yet alone the final 17. And one wonders whether Wor Jamal may have had a shot at it had he been in The BBL when the original was named, a factor that may have kept Jordan out too?

Or is this 17 the one the final 12 will be culled from? After all there’s no Justin Robinson in these numbers and after also not making the GB squad that does seem like a surprise although perhaps there’s a reason for that too?

Then we have Kofi Josephs and to a lesser extent Robert Gilchrist. Kofi, it seems, although injury prevented him from taking part, is deemed good enough for GB but not for England. Gilchrist too is a GB squaddie but not an England one. But now he’s in The BBL perhaps that might change?

At 6’ 9” and with a pretty impressive resume, I would have thought he may well be worth a punt on for the England squad? But, what do I know. Well, I know what’s on paper and in print but not what goes on behind the scenes.

Liked that Adam Thoseby continues to be around, I think he’s got a bit to offer and it’s not a secret to say that he was nearly BBL bound too this season. Perhaps that may yet still happen.

Probably a bit surprised that Conner Washington didn’t make the 17. A player that seems to enhance most squads and one I thought would make it. But, then what do I know, either factually or with my limited knowledge.

One thing I did ask and seemingly got a very strange but correct answer for is what nationality are you if you hold British passport? Well, it seems that is covers you for all nations so perhaps now Kofi Josephs being a Rock and a GB man will become Scottish?

I’m assured it can happen and perhaps some of those cut may well be giving Tony G a ring?

My last thought for now on this blog on the Commonwealths is if GB is the elite squad and has the best GB players, how come some of them don’t make The Commonwealths squad particularly as Achara and Murray are in both? Like I say, what’s in a squad?