“Rubbish” would have been the reply of a much lamented legendary English comedian. But in my humble opinion it’s Saah Far Saah Good!

Four in means more to come and that’s still a lot to be excited about and one wonders what level of excitement and anticipation has been reached so far? By the time we’re all set and ready to go I would imagine you’ll all be tearing down the doors of Sport Central to see us.

I wonder how many of you would have seen the Fantastic Four we’ve signed so far coming? I’d hazard a guess that the number who did would be less than zero.

The hard work and time put in by Fab, Dave, Ian and others is now starting to bear fruit and I think we’ve picked some ripe ones from those available. And yes, as I said before, there’s still more to come!

Kai we know about and he’s a BBL player, Terry is a seasoned professional recommended by none other than Tj himself, Jure is a warrior that’s done well in Spain and whilst Saah has big boots to fill he’s a very exciting addition that is a born leader.

If you weren’t excited before about the forthcoming season you must be now and remember there’s more to come.

It’s certainly going to be interesting this season as we take-off in a different direction and one that looks as fresh as it does exciting. We hope you trust in what we do as we usually do it right or at least damn close to it and this is an intriguing start to our new line-up.

And remember there’s more to come!

So, what do you think? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts, comment on our facebook page, tweet us or go on Whatsbev and have your say. We’d be interested in what you’ve got to say and how well you think we’re doing so far.

Vote with your money and show your support by getting your season tickets now for what is going to be a very, very, very interesting new chapter in our illustrious history and remember, there’s more to come!