Ok, we promised more and we’ve delivered. Two more in and what signings they are. The love for Drew and his return was evident from how you filled not just our Social Media with positive comments but also Ayshea and Drew’s too. Seems only right that Cali-Mae should return home. After all, she is a Geordie!

So cool though to get Kangadrew back through the doors. This will be his fifth consecutive season, he’s a BBL vet and knows the league inside out but more importantly, he’s a leader and a real motivator and he’s sure to have a big role helping Fab and the coaching staff integrate the new Eagles.

And speaking of those, welcome Jaysean too. Top scorer at West Virginia in his senior year, named 6th Man of the Year in his conference and he played under Bob Huggins. I mean this with no disrespect meant to Malik, Andre or Dre but Jaysean has a better pedigree on paper than all three and they didn’t do too bad for us either!

Yes, the game is not played on paper but if he turns his paper form to on-court form then he’ll be a heckuva signing and one that can continue the legacy of us having highly-productive, efficiently effective shooting guards. He’s certainly an exciting signing and definitely one to watch.

When can you watch him first? Well, the pre-season has been announced (or at least I hope it has!) Friday September 8th vs our old friends Team USA Select on Sport Central’s North Court, Saturday 16th September against a stacked Rocks coached by Tony G at Benfield followed by the next day against Marc Steutel and the EBL Division 1 Champions Team Northumbria who are playing in The BBL Trophy this season.

All that and five new Eagles as well. So five + Drew = Six. We must have more to come right? You betcha sweet cheeks we have and we’re just crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s before the next announcements. Will they be new? Will they be returnees? The answer is simple, They Will Be Eagles!

Boy is this ever an exciting pre-season!