So, we’re off on a road trip that for me starts in and finishes in Cramlington visiting Byker, Bristol, Plymouth and Byker again. If I have my maths right, a little old round trip of 848 miles for 80 minutes of basketball, I must be mad!

No, I must be dedicated, and I must be doing something I love and love doing it too. Possibly our biggest and our longest round trip of the season and we go to defend our 100% record. It’s a long way to go but when, okay if, we come back with two more wins every mile and minute will have been worth it.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and in truth it’s been hard to find the time and there are some things to cover that has already been consigned to history or that I should have mentioned way before now. So, apologies to all.

Best I start with a brief rundown of the games, no need to mention the results as we know what they all were! Surrey at home was comfortable. We made a decent side look ordinary and for once almost cruised home. Made a nice change.

Then it was the “revenge” game with Nims back this time against Phoenix. TBH it was never about revenge it was all about the W. Fact was even a win meant that we were never going to get back in The Cup. Not sure what it is about Cheshire this season, but boy did they give us a game.

Game was level all the way but when the money quarter came up we stepped and nailed a really big win that was as important as it was crucial. One thing did puzzle me and if I was a Phoenix Management member or fan would have had me scratching me bonce.

So, you win at Newcastle, then somehow manage to lose against Manchester before almost beating Eagles again? Must wonder about players’ mentality for me when things like that happen IMHO. Still, that’s Cheshire and we’re The Eagles.

Then too Sheffield at home but a little surprise for you all and a new signing to bolster the squad. Jamal Jamal no less. Now, we at The Eagles tend to like a nickname ort two. Jamal, as of yet, hasn’t got one although J J after the fact that he calls himself Jamal Jamal elsewhere is on offer.

Guessing though as long as we don’t use some of those I’ve heard Eagles fans use for him when he’s played against us especially by one “redheaded” drum beater then he’ll probably be happy with what we come up with.

Perhaps a competition is in order? Name the nickname and win a ticket to a game? Dan it’s over to you!

Whilst I’m on about nicknames my sincere apologies to Jure for giving his to Jaysean in a previous blog. Of course, the Croatian Ninja is J-Gun, who else could be. Sorry big fella!

So, Sheffield. With Jaysean playing like Lebron James in the first half, Zarko bouncing around all over the court and everyone chipping in we were excellent and looked comfortable at the break against a side that had promised to cause us trouble.

Unfortunately, Jay played like Sid James in the second half, only kidding fella, and Sheffield came up with a game plan to negate the bad first half and it was a cliff-hanger of a fourth quarter once again. But, once again when the chips were down the guys cashed in and it’s 8 – 0 as we head south this morning.

One of the things mentioned to me when Jamal came in was why didn’t we look to promote from Team Northumbria or possibly from our own under-23’s. Now there are lots of reasons why and it has been mentioned before.

Simples is that once you’re over a certain age you can’t move between The BBL and EBL and also each team has its own agenda and goals and to weaken one to supplement the other is never really going to happen.

We obviously have a great relationship with Marc Steutel and his team and our U-23’s are our U-23’s so it’s never say never but, it’ll always be separate as we go and develop. And anyway, hands-up who wouldn’t have signed Jamal now that he’s available?

Yep, thought so, not many hands in the air from where I’m looking!

Okay, our ten deep becomes eleven deep and now we’re set and ready to roll for the rest of the season. We always knew about The Commonwealth’s and Zarko frying back to Danishland so, we’re just trying to cover our backs, conserve energy and make sure we look after number 1.

Can’t blame us for that can you?

So, as I sit on our super-duper executive leather seated coach and settle in for the first leg of the journey, we’re now Junction 60 bound to pick up Mr H before blasting doon to Bristol I think I’ll close the blog and say see you after Bristol or perhaps Plymouth?

Coming up: thoughts on The Commonwealth Games squad, reaction to the weekend, excitement mounts as a certain project close to all our hearts and especially MD Blake may well bear fruit very soon. Lots to cover and two games to report on too.

I’m off for a lie-doon and some restorative kip and there’s only just over 800 miles to go.