This week we feature Esh Group Eagles Newcastle forward Andy Thomson, whose side is off to a record-breaking start this season.

Name: Andy Thomson

Team: Esh Group Eagles Newcastle

Age: 31

Position: Power Forward

Signature Play: If I had to say one, it would be my three-point shot!

Twitter address: @Andythomson1984

How did you get into basketball? I started playing basketball at an after school club in year 7 and in high school.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before you play? Yes, too many to write down.

What has been your best basketball memory so far? Representing my country.

Favourite basketball arena? The Dean Dome at University of North Carolina

What sports do you enjoy outside of basketball and who do you follow/support? I’m actually a Newcastle United supporter and also a big fan of Rugby Union.

Who would you want to play you in a film of your life? I think Russell Crowe would do a pretty good job of portraying me in a feature film.

If you could be a character in any film or TV show (current or past), who would you be and why? It would have to be James Bond. Very British I know, but it’s the full package of fast cars, crazy gadgets and amazing stunts. Then you throw in the amazing locations and also a decent perk are the Bond women.

What would be your perfect weekend? It would start with a game on the Friday night, followed by some food after with team-mates. Then on the Saturday consists of meeting up with friends from home or team-mates and socialising. Then to cap it off, chill out on Sunday watching sport on TV.

At school your best subjects and your worst are/were? My best subjects were Science, Geography and Physical Education. I wasn’t strong in Maths.

Your coach has asked you to organise a team-bonding activity. What activity would you go for and why? I would pick a training day with the Army. Because it’s not only physically demanding, but also they incorporate communication and problem solving within each exercise.

Which of your team-mates has the best and worst fashion and musical tastes? Sad to say, no one dresses crazy on the team. And I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to music – we have a range of music in our locker so it’s not too bad.

Who or what makes you laugh? I have a broad range of comedians I watch from Peter Kay, all the way to Kevin Hart. But one person that cracks me up at times, is my brother [and team-mate] Stuart!

Who and/or what do you find really annoying? I’m a pretty chilled out to be honest. But I do have some things that get on my nerves. I hate being late – it’s one thing that I can’t stand. And also people asking questions and talking when a film is on – if you watch the film then everything will be explained!!

Finally, tell us something hardly anybody or nobody knows about you? I always put my left shoe on first. Don’t know why, but I always do!