BIG burgers were on the menu as Newcastle Eagles took time out from their exceptional form for a tasty team-building exercise.

The Man Vs Food challenge at Pacific House, Newcastle, proved a real test for the British Basketball League leaders who have won their last 13 games in all competitions.

With over two pounds of beef and added bun, bacon, cheese, onion rings, salad plus a side of chips it was not for the faint of heart or stomach.

All the players and coaching staff took part and where professional athletes are involved there is no shortage of competitive energy.

The prize of corporate tickets to an upcoming game will be raffled off and the proceeds given to the the Great North Air Ambulance.

Coach Fab Flournoy said: “It’s fantastic having this opportunity as it gives the guys a chance to let their hair down in a different setting.”

“It also gives me the chance to take off the coach hat and talk to the players in a calm, relaxed way.”

Cries for ketchup went up just before the clock was about to start.

With 20 minutes to complete the mammoth meal most opted for a more casual pace instead of fast and furious eating.

The speed slowed further as the calorific consumption began to take its toll.

As the time limit closed in despite some admirable efforts it became clear none of the players would manage to finish the giant burger.

Flournoy said: “It started off light-hearted and then the food came out.

“That’s team sport you always want to push and bring the best out in your teammates to see how far they can possibly go.”

A quick check around the room was needed to see who was closest and after a few cheaters were exposed, forward Scott Martin was named the winner with just the bun remaining.

The victorious Martin said: “We weren’t that competitive about it until we started and then you see one guy go.

“Me and Andy (Thomson, Eagles forward) were going back and forth but you just don’t want to make yourself sick.

“It was fun to come down here, eat some food and have a good time.”