Next week our player-coach Fabulous Fournoy receives his MBE for services to basketball and the North East community in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Earlier this month Fab spoke to Ex Newcastle United goalkeeper Steve Harper for The North East Times Magazine.

Here’s a little except:

Steve: “You’re renowned for your high standards…”

Fab: I do have high standards and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’m a talker and a communicator but I also like to give people choices. You can be in or you can be out and I’ll respect you either way. Sacrifices need to be made to achieve success and working hard is its own reward. We all have days in the team where we don’t feel like working but that one day matters so I lead by example. The players know I’m relentless at times but I believe to reach your potential, you have to be challenged and that’s a big part of my coaching.”

“I’m heading to the top and the bus is leaving; if you’re getting on then let’s go.”

Steve: “You’ve created quite a legacy here in Newcastle; you must be proud…”

Fab: “Winning games don’t tend to bother me that much. It’s the moment we get a trophy when I think the job’s done. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy winning and I enjoy watching the players enjoy it, but I’m already plotting what’s next. Of course I am proud of what the team and I have achieved but I just don’t feel I have time to look back. I stay in the moment as I know what I’m doing now will take care of the future.”

Read the whole interview on their website.