In the last game against the Jets the Eagles lost Joe Chapman to a season ending Achilles injury. ‘Geordie’ Joe is still on Tyneside recovering so we caught up with him to see how he was getting on.

How are you recovering from the injury and do you know how long you will be out for?

My recovery is going well, I’m in my second cast which I will be in until March 28th. This cast has a heel on it so I can start to put my weight on my foot. So far it’s healing just fine

It must be very hard to be injured and so far from home, how are you dealing with that?

Being away from home is always tough and it just makes it worse when you get injured. But it was the best thing for me to get the treatment I need here and rest up so I can start rehab.
The support from the fans has been great and I really appreciate the words and the frequent guests that come by the house with food, cards and DVDs of the game. I am also thankful to Sam Blake for taking me to and from the hospital and giving up her time to make sure I’m getting the proper care. All of the fans’ support just gives me motivation to get fit again.

Will we see you at an Eagles game before the end of the season, either watching or playing?

I won’t come back playing this season, even though if we make it to the finals I would be ready. Basketball is about chemistry and the team is playing well with Reggie and he deserves to play. I’m glad he is back and continuing his career. I’ll be at the last game and all of the playoff games.
As for coming to a game, it’s tough to come and watch a game you love so much. I will come to the last game of the season at home on April 15th, by that time I will be able to walk and get around.

Are you watching any basketball whilst you are not playing and will you be watching March Madness? If so, who are you tipping to do well?

For sure I’m watching basketball. I’m a student of the game. I’ve watched all of the games that I played in this year to try to improve in the summer and next year. I love March Madness, I love watching the little schools try to take down the big schools. I’ll be cheering my university team Marquette on.