On The Spot Reporters: James Parker, Meg Henry, Jordan Pease, William McLean, Molly Toward and Meg Robson

In January, Joe Chapman: the famous Eagles basketball player that stands at 6ft 6in and originates from Chicago was interviewed at Benfield School. Mighty Joe revealed enlightening facts about his career and experiences. The talented player was more than happy to answer questions about his overwhelming times.

What inspired you to become a basketball player?

It was the number one sport in the USA and I enjoyed watching Michael Jordan play.

Do you always feel confident when you’re playing basketball?

Yes, I feel very confident when I’m playing basketball. Anything you do in life you have to be confident in yourself, to reach your ability.

I hear your position in basketball is guard, do you enjoy it?

Yes I enjoy it because I don’t really like to ‘mash’ with the big guys!

What do you enjoy better; playing off court or on court?

When I was younger I would have said that it would have been off court, but now that I am older I think that on court is best.

There is a lot of pressure on famous people. How does it feel to be famous?

I don’t see myself as a famous person because it’s important to just be who you are.

My biggest fear is heights, I hear yours is gangs?

Well there were a lot of gangs in Chicago, but my focus was the NBA. So I just didn’t focus on the gangs and thought about my future instead.

It was a pleasure to speak with the towering Joe Chapman and an overwhelming experience as Joe is a phenomenal basketball player. It was amazing talking to Joe and it was a pleasure interviewing him. Although our time with Joe was short, it was an absolute pleasure interviewing him. We were inspired by his calm approach when faced with difficult questions – a real gentleman.