Before we talk about the win over Leeds can I take you back to last weekend and the two great wins we had then?

Yea, it was a little difficult with the travel schedule and getting down there but looking at both games thankfully we really came out strong in both games. We really started well in them both and I think that carried us through them especially down in London.

Couldn’t agree more and what about that first quarter defensive effort at London?

That was what set the tone for the whole game. It got us off in the right way and we built on it from there. They made their runs, they’re a very good team and they’re going to do that but thankfully we were able to take those runs and build on our lead and get the win.

That made it six wins in a row and must have given you confidence going in to the Leeds game which was a bit scrappy but we’re through to The BBL Cup Semi-Finals.

You have to expect a bit of that in what is essentially a tournament game. We were confident coming in but both teams really wanted it and both fought hard for it. They didn’t quit even when we got a way in front and they stayed in it. But we were able to make a few more plays and a few shots down the stretch which stretched it out for us.

Having tasted the final last year when it looked like we were going to win, especially after a spectacular dunk from yourself you must be keen to go back to Birmingham and get the win this time?

Yes I’d like to but we’re not looking too far ahead. We’ve still got two big games against whoever we face before we get there so we’ll worry about The Final when and if we get to The Final. You have to take it one step at a time and concentrate and focus on what’s in front of you doing the job that we have to do.

You’re playing for Northumbria University in their BUCS side and had 27 points in the week in another nice win, how’s that going?

It’s a fun experience, getting to go out there and just play really. You can get your reps up and just enjoy the game. There’s some very good competition out there. It’s a little rough on the legs after a while but I’m really enjoying it.

Do you think it’s helping you for when it comes to Eagles games?

I definitely do. The more rhythm you get the more games you can play the better you’re going to be, that’s the way I look at it. I enjoy playing so much for me its the more the merrier.

Back to the Leeds game and with respect to all the guys the key seemed to be when Charles, Fab and yourself stepped up the defence in that third quarter?

I think we were struggling a bit in the first half and we weren’t in a rhythm as a team. But when we picked up our defence in that third quarter that picked up and carried our offence. We got some great stops especially in the third and that led to some easy shots and that propelled us forward.

So, with that win you should be able to enjoy your weekend?

For sure, I will but I’m going to get some rest, I just feel I need a little bit of rest after all the travelling and games but it’s always nice to have a weekend off.