Just how good are Esh Group Eagles Newcastle this season and will they end their losing streak in showpiece Finals by beating Glasgow Rocks at the Barclaycard Arena on Sunday 11 January?

Well according to Manchester Giants’ play-caller Jeff Jones, they are just about the best team he has seen in the BBL in a long time.

Although they haven’t bagged any silverware just yet to validate the confidence of the experienced Jones, he is adamant they will deliver at some point this season after his Giants team were humbled by the north-east club leading up to the festive period.

“I have not seen a better team in the BBL at least since the Mersey Tigers team that had the likes of Andre Smith playing for them,” claimed Jones.

“The Eagles are streets ahead of everybody else and I know that will upset some people, but they have pretty much everything.

“Of course they can and will be beaten and they have to prove it when it matters.

“But, I look at the different elements and there is little if anything missing.

“Just look at their frontcourt and the temperament, work-rate and quality of having three guys in Andy Thomson, Darius Defoe and Scott Martin.

“Players like Drew Lasker hardly get a mention and yet they have that three guard option (with Jones and Fletcher) and I haven’t even mentioned Charles Smith or Fab himself.”

He added, “They are the team to beat and there is no doubt about that.”

From a Glasgow Rocks perspective, Tommy Freeman is confident he can help to fire his team to glory and that it could just be the Rocks’ year.

He insisted, “Having the opportunity to win any piece of silverware is a huge boost to our confidence.

“The road to the final was by no stretch easy. Beating London, Leicester and Bristol in order to advance in the competition shows that we can compete with anyone in the league.”

If you can’t make it to the Barclaycard Arena, you can watch the 2015 BBL Cup Final live on BBLtv and also the historic WBBL Trophy Final earlier in the day.