Our women were on fire over the weekend and racked-up another ‘W’ in a six game winning streak that now sees them sitting at the top of the WBBL for the first time in the franchise’s history.

It is a rare occurrence in the WBBL’s All-Star Five for a trio of players from the same club to all receive the accolade of a starting place, but in recognition for their domination on the road at Oaklands Wolves and with one player posting the best efficiency valuation of the season, three Eagles get the nods.

Firstly, as a towering presence in the frontcourt, Lisa Koop came away from the road win with down to a massive double-double on 20 points and 21 boards, as well as 3 blocks and 2 assists.

Lithuanian standout Mante Kvederaviciute didn’t just get the ‘Top Performer of the Week’ accolade from the league, but she also posted the best performance efficiency valuation of the entire season at an amazing 40. Bringing home 31 points from 60% shooting, handed out a superb 13 assists, as well as 3 steals.

Finally, there really is no stopping Georgia Ohrdorf right now and there is no more in-form player in the WBBL. She now has a fifth place in the weekly pick of the players and third in a row after cutting down Wolves with a massive 24-point and 13-rebound double-double, plus 3 precious steals to continue her hot streak.

Huge congratulations to Lisa, Mante and Georgia!

It’s a well-earned break for our ladies now as they enjoy the festivities and prepare for their next big game on Saturday 4 January 2020 in the WBBL Cup Semi-Final clash away at Sevenoaks Suns.