Our very own Fab Flournoy has achieved another milestone to add to a glittering career record.

Sunday’s BBL game against Glasgow Rocks was be his 541st BBL Championship game, surpassing the record of England legend Peter Scantlebury.

This perhaps puts the exclamation mark on a career which will struggle to be surpassed in terms of statistical achievement.

Flournoy started his career in 1996-97 as a player at Birmingham Bullets under Nick Nurse, now assistant coach with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and played 4 years there.

He then played one year at Sheffield under Houston Rockets assistant coach Chris Finch before moving to Newcastle to play under Tony Garbelotto. When Garbelotto left the following year he took the role of player coach at the Eagles.

At Birmingham his win record was 89-42 over 131 games (BBL Championship only).

At Sheffield it was 27-9 (BBL Championship only).

At Newcastle it is 396-140-2 (all competitions).

Fab’s time in the BBL has recorded a total recorded win / loss record as player and player/coach of 512-191-2; achieving a remarkable total win percentage of 72.6%!

A number of big names in the basketball community have joined the celebration including Eagles legend TJ Walker. From his home in California, Walker said this week;

“When I think of Fab, three words pop up and these same three words have always popped up since first meeting him back in 2002; loyalty, dedication and commitment. And this is why he is still going strong.”

BBL and Eagles legend Lynard Stewart also commented from his home in Philadelphia this week;

‘Awards, trophies, championships, ceremonies, and now milestones seem to be a normal part of Fab’s life, even though they are abnormal to everyone else’s. Reaching the milestone of most appearances In the BBL means he is very old or very fit! Either way congratulations from a forever teammate and forever friend”.

Fab’s remarkable career record and trophy haul are detailed below.

Personal achievements

  • Four time Molten BBL Coach of the Year
  • BBL All Star 2006-07
  • Sport England North East Coach of the Year 2005 and 2012
  • England National Team – Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal Winner, Melbourne Games 2006
  • Inducted into the ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ Hall of Fame at 10 Downing Street 2008
  • Sport Newcastle North East Sports Personality of the Year 2008-09
  • Sport Newcastle North East Sports Personality of the Year 2012-13

Team Achievements

  • 6x BBL Championship Winner (5 Newcastle, 1 Sheffield) 2011/2012, 2009/2010, 2008/2009, 2007/2008, 2005/2006, 2000/2001
  • 4x BBL Championship Runner Up (3 Newcastle, 1 Sheffield) 2012/2013, 2010/2011, 2004/2005, 1997/1998
  • 6x BBL Play-Offs Winner (5 Newcastle, 1 Birmingham) 2011/2012, 2008/2009, 2006/2007, 2005/2006, 2004/2005, 1997/1998
  • 3x BBL Play-Offs Runner Up (1 Newcastle, 1 Sheffield, 1 Birmingham) 2012/2013, 2000/2001, 1999/2000
  • 2x BBL Cup Winner (2 Newcastle) 2011/2012, 2005/2006
  • 3x BBL Cup Runner Up (3 Newcastle) 2013/2014, 2012/2013, 2007/2008
  • 5x BBL Trophy Winner (5 Newcastle) 2011/2012, 2009/2010, 2008/2009, 2005/2006, 2004/2005
  • 2x BBL Trophy Runner Up (2 Newcastle) 2007/2008, 2006/7
  • Total trophies 19 (17 at Newcastle)
  • Total runners up 11 (8 at Newcastle, 2 at Sheffield, 1 at Birmingham)