Newcastle Eagles 113 (20,47,78) (Chapman, Smith 25, Sullivan 13)
Worthing Thunder 70 (24, 44, 63) (Bratton 25, Richard 16, Prezzie-Blue 14)

By Jak Gibson and Scott Clark, Excelsior Press Team

Eagles capitalised on their top spot in the BBL last night with a convincing win over bogey team Worthing Thunder.

Worthing took the lead with two baskets to take a 4-0 win. The Eagles were awarded with 2 penalties and converted them both to make it level at 4-4. however Worthing excelled in their early dominance to take a 9-4 lead.

Eagles responded with a 3 pointer to make the score 11-7. A time out was called with the score at 15-7 to Worthing. An excellent 3-pointer was scored by Worthing, then a perfect counter from the Eagles with a 3-pointer of their own, the score 18-12. Player-coach Fabulous scores to make it 18-14. Eagles started to establish a comeback with the scores at 22-17. Eagles continued to pull back to 22-20. The first quarter drew to a close with Worthing leading 24-20.

The second quarter starts with a 3-pointer for the Eagles. Worthing just keep the lead with a 2-pointer, the scores now 26-23. Two more penalties are converted from the Eagles. two penalties are scored by Worthing. A 3-pointer scored by Worthing then an excellent response from Eagles with a 3-pointer of their own. A second time out is called and the scores are tight with Worthing leading 31-30.

Eagles completed the comeback at 32-31. Eagles converted two more penalties to take the score to 34-31. Worthing’s lead was short lived when the Eagles took back the lead at 36-35. Worthing clinch another 2 points for the lead. A nice counter attack by Eagles was well rewarded with another 2 points. At the end of the second quarter Newcastle lead 47-44.

Eagles take an early lead and start to show dominance with a 10 point lead, the score 58-48. The Eagles’ free flowing basketball was proving to be too much for Worthing with scores at 63-49. An amazing 3-pointer looked like it could be the turning point for Eagles to claim the win. Worthing’s performance started to deteriorate as Newcastle cruised into a 16 point lead, the score 71-55. The Eagles continued to torture Worthing and now lead by 20 points, the score 76-56. A glimmer of hope started to transpire as Worthing reduced the deficit to 17 points. At the end of the third quarter the score was 78-63.

With the fourth and final quarter underway Worthing tried to race into a comeback. An exquisite counter attack is rounded by a magnificent 3-pointer for the home side who continued in their lead at 85-65. Two penalties are scored to increase the Eagles’ lead, it’s now 92-65. The Eagles reach the 100 mark and continue to dominate, the score is 102-67. A comeback for Worthing seems to be impossible now as the deficit is 37 points. The baskets came thick and fast for the Eagles as they tried to extend their lead. Eagles roll out the game with a 113-70 win.

Eagles now move onto this weekend’s BBL Trophy Final against Cheshire Jets at Guildford.