Eagles got off to a winning start in their 2009-10 season campaign with a 98-86 friendly win over travelling opponents Team USA Select.

The game saw a debut for Eagles new boy Joe Chapman. The Marquette graduate landed in the UK on Sunday and came into the game with immediate back to back threes to get the Eagles off to a steady start.

Returning forward Lynard Stewart showed little sign of his seaon ending injury and Darius Defoe certainly made a mark on the game. The friendly also gave Coach flournoy the opportunity to ortate Eagles young stars Aaron Aeilsen and Jamie Glen into the roster, something that he will be wanting to do more and more this coming season.

The Eagles now hit pre-season hard and expect the return of Reggie Jackson before the end of this weekend.

Its less than two weeks until the season opener against Cheshire Jets on Friday 25th September ….

Match Stats

Chapman: 16pts, 3rbs, 2asts, 1to
Bridge: 17pts, 2rbs, 4asts, 1stl, 1to
Glen: 1rb
Neilsen: 2pts, 4rbs, 1ast, 2stls
Smith: 23pts, 6rbs, 1stl ,1blk
Defoe: 16pts, 11rbs, 1ast, 2stls, 2tos, 3blks
Stewart: 16pts, 7rbs, 3asts, 5tos, 1blk
Flournoy: 8pts, 6rbs, 7asts, 2stls, 2tos