Newcastle Eagles have decided to retire the number five vest in honour of TJ Walker and the seven years of dedication that he gave to the club.

The current Cheshire Jets player-coach, nicknamed “The Daddy” by Eagles fans, enjoyed a rapturous reception from supporters and staff on his first visit back to Tyneside last week and the club are thrilled to be able to further highlight his service with this gesture.

Managing Director Paul Blake who presented TJ with a framed vest before the game believes that there is no better way of ensuring Walker’s contribution is recognised indefinitely.

He said, “TJ was with us for seven great years and he became an icon for the club and our fans. Everywhere you went people associated TJ with the club and he was the first thing people knew about us, much as they do at present with Fab.

“TJ has been a true professional and helped us win six trophies. Crucially he was also present before the silverware arrived and he was one of a core of players who put in plenty of hard work to help the club get to where we are now.

“His talent, dedication and application are second to none and he is an example of what other players and in particular young players should aspire to. I am sure if we had a Hall of Fame then he would be a worthy addition.

“We are absolutely delighted to retire the famous Eagles number five vest in his honour and while I am sure none of our fans will forget his efforts, this is certainly one way of ensuring his contribution to the league is highlighted.
“For TJ has been, and continues to be, someone that the BBL can be proud of and we are lucky to still have him.
“He will always be guaranteed a warm welcome back to Newcastle, that’s for sure.”