The last pieces are slowly being put in to place on the Esh Group Eagles Newcastle Roster for 2015/16 and the latest signing is again no surprise to the Eagles fans and Organisation as hugely popular guard An”Drew” Lasker returns for his 3rd consecutive season to the fold.
Lasker, a BBL veteran of over 330 games, will begin his 11th season in the UK’s top professional league looking to add to his CV and honours list which has him as one of the most effective players to appear in The BBL.

A career which has seen him amass over 4,500 points in the league at an average of 13.77 points per game and when you throw in 5.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game over the same period it’s clear to see why The Eagles are delighted to welcome him back.
Drew himself is more than comfortable and happy to once again to be returning to Tyneside for another season.

“I’m so happy to be going back to Newcastle again for another season and to continue my basketball journey. I had a few frustrating injuries over the past couple of seasons that made me think my career was coming to an end.

But Fab Flournoy seems to think I still have a lot to offer so it’s great to have your coach show confidence in you and it’s great to be part of a winning and family organisation.

“Last season was awesome, not just because we won all four trophies but because the guys I played with were really special and we formed a great bond on and off the court. That’s how it is at Newcastle and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that.”

Lasker averaged 7.8 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game in an Eagles vest last campaign but it was as much his spark and energy from the bench and his sheer will to help his team-mates and contribute anyway he can that marks him out as a real team player and a one of the biggest reasons Eagles wanted him back.

Head Coach Fab Flournoy confirmed as much as he welcomed Drew back to The Club.

“Drew’s our energy guy. When we need a lift and an injection of something different he’s a guy I know I can go to. He accepts his role within the team, always supporting his team mates whether he’s on the court or not.

He never complains, he just focuses on all the little things a team needs to make them better and I’m pleased he’s back to do more of the same this season.”

And as much as it’s clear that Flournoy has a lot of time for Lasker, the feeling is mutual.

“Fab is a guy you respect first and like later. He doesn’t go out to be liked. Most athletes can’t handle constructive criticism or the truth and he will always tell you both. You respect him for the body of work he has accomplished in the league so you trust his leadership.

Over time, when you really get to know him, he is a good guy and only wants the best for his players. I guarantee there is no other coach in the BBL who watches more film and studies his opponents more than Fab. He puts his players in a great situation to thrive and be successful and hopefully that’s what we’ll do again this season.”

With the roster close to completion the Eagles look forward to pre-season in a fortnight and the clubs inaugural MKM Euro Invitational event, from 7th-9th September. Tickets are available by calling Eagles office on 0191 245 3880 or online at