It was a busy week with eleven games in the BBL overall and tough competition across the league for places in it’s season week seven All-Star Five.

Cortez Edwards has received a third appearance of the campaign in the pick of the players, joining teammate Rahmon Fletcher on most appearances so far, after the guard to was close to a triple-double this week.

As our Eagles beat Bristol in the BBL Cup Quarter Finals, he had 15 points by shooting 4-4 both inside and at the line, while grabbing 11 rebounds and handing out eight assists.

In the decisive second stanza of the game which sealed our place in the Semi-Finals, Edwards had five of his points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals.

Evan Maxwell was also given a nod from the league for his high scoring in our fast-and-furious fixture schedule before the Christmas break.

Well done Cortez and Evan.