We take a look at who has been hot in the BBL during the month of November.

Scoring machines
Five players managed to pass the landmark of 20 points per game, with Brandon McGill (Surrey United) way out in front with 27.5 points per game, although the new arrival only played twice during the period. Molten BBL Player of the Month, Victor Moses (Cheshire Phoenix; pictured) averaged 23 points per game after five appearances and the other three players making up the top five scorers in our chart were David Aliu (Manchester Giants), Malik Cooke (Esh Group Eagles Newcastle) and Reggie Middleton (Cheshire Phoenix).

Sharp shooters
It was a red-letter month for accuracy with an outstanding level of shooting percentages across the league, as a number of players found their touch and rhythm. Three players shot more than a mind-boggling 70% or higher from the field, with Fran Urli (Glasgow Rocks) achieving 73.3% and just pipping Shane Walker (Plymouth University Raiders) with 73.1%. David Watts (Manchester Giants) was also on fire as a post 70% shooter. Fourth in the list was Rashad Hassan (Leicester Riders) and the forward deserves a mention since he averaged 65.1%, from a particularly high volume of shots.

Deadly from downtown
One player caught fire from three-point range during November and was out alone at the top of the downtown chart. Donald Robinson (Plymouth University Raiders) was simply exceptional after sinking 11 of his 14 attempts, an eye-popping conversion rate of 73.3%.Three other players managed to impressively convert with at least than half of their attempts. David Aliu (Manchester Giants) showcased his inside-outside game with 56%, EJ Harrison (Glasgow Rocks) continued his rich vein of form from the perimeter with 51.5% and his team-mate and Great Britain guard Alex Marcotullio (Glasgow Rocks) made an impact in the wake of his belated arrival by shooting 50%.

On the line
Three players managed to rack up a post 90% free-throw shooting performances during the month, with Matt Pressey (Plymouth University Raiders) and Charles Smith (Esh Group Eagles Newcastle) both sinking 17 of 18 attempts (94.4%). Perhaps the most impressive number in the chart was produced by BJ Holmes (One Health Sharks Sheffield), since the BBL Trophy Final MVP found himself on the line a quite staggering 49 times during November and made the most by hitting the mark on 42 of those occasions.

On the glass
Three players managed to average double-figures on the glass with Victor Moses (Cheshire Phoenix) taking top spot on the boards for the second successive month, this time pulling down 14.2 boards per game. Will Creekmore (Worcester Wolves) is the only player so far to have found himself in the BBL Team of the Week on five occasions and it’s not a surprise that he harvested 13.1 rebounds each time he stepped out. Lithuanian big man Ceslovas Kucinskas (Surrey United) also found himself back near the top of the list with 10 boards per game.

Dishing it up
James Jones (Manchester Giants) and Reggie Middleton (Cheshire Phoenix) enjoyed a remarkable month in creating opportunities for their respective team-mates, with the former dishing up a stunning 7.9 assists per game and the latter not too far behind with seven per game. Jones handed out 17 of his assists during one spectacular display. Ralph Bucci (Durham Wildcats) also had a great playmaking month with 6.2 assists per game, whilst Matt Pressey (Plymouth University Raiders), Rod Brown (London Lions) and Anthony Downing (Leicester Riders) were the other three players to hand-off more than five assists each time they suited up.

Steal merchants
Team-mates Paul Gause and Mailk Cooke(Esh Group Eagles Newcastle) have taken the top two spots in our steals charts, with Gause claiming 2.8 per game and Cooke 2.4 each time he stepped out. Stefan Gill (Manchester Giants) weighed in with 2.2 per game and was closely followed by Matt Pressey (Plymouth University Raiders) and Danny Huffor (Durham Wildcats).

The swatters
Mike Allison (Durham Wildcats) still leads the way when it comes to rejections and he averaged 2.5 blocks per game during November to help his team claim three consecutive home wins. Kramer Knutson (London Lions) averaged 1.8 per game and Malik Cooke (Esh Group Eagles Newcastle) flew the flag for the guards by taking third place with 1.4 per game.

Scoring G FG 3FG FT PTS Avg
Brandon McGill SU 2 16 5 8 55 27.5
Victor Moses CP 5 50 0 15 115 23.0
David Aliu MG 7 42 14 30 156 22.3
Malik Cooke NE 5 33 9 12 105 21.0
Reggie Middleton CP 5 31 6 21 101 20.2

Field Goal % G FG FGA Pct
Fran Urli GR 6 22 30 0.733
Shane Walker PR 7 19 26 0.731
David Watts MG 7 10 14 0.714
Rashad Hassan LR 6 41 63 0.651
Ralph Bucci DW 6 13 20 0.650

Three Pt FG % G 3Pt 3PA Pct
Donald Robinson PR 6 11 14 0.786
David Aliu MG 7 14 25 0.560
EJ Harrison GR 6 17 33 0.515
Alex Marcotullio GR 4 13 26 0.500
Anthony Downing LR 6 12 26 0.462

Free Throw % G FT FTA Pct
Matt Pressey PR 7 17 18 0.944
Charles Smith NE 5 17 18 0.944
Brent Benson BK 4 20 22 0.909
Mike Allison DW 6 17 19 0.895
Donald Robinson PR 6 20 23 0.870

Rebounding G Off Def Reb Avg
Victor Moses CP 5 37 34 71 14.2
Will Creekmore WW 7 32 60 92 13.1
Ceslovas Kucinskas SU 5 20 30 50 10.0
Scott Martin NE 5 13 34 47 9.4
Daniel Northern GR 6 17 39 56 9.3

Assists G Asst Avg
James Jones MG 7 55 7.9
Reggie Middleton CP 5 35 7.0
Ralph Bucci DW 6 37 6.2
Matt Pressey PR 7 38 5.4
Rod Brown LL 5 26 5.2

Steals G Stls Avg
Paul Gause NE 5 14 2.8
Malik Cooke NE 5 12 2.4
Stefan Gill MG 5 11 2.2
Matt Pressey PR 7 14 2.0
Danny Huffor DW 6 12 2.0

Blocks G Blks Avg
Mike Allison DW 6 15 2.5
Kramer Knutson LL 5 9 1.8
Malik Cooke NE 5 7 1.4
Daniel Northern GR 6 8 1.3
Devan Bailey CP 5 6 1.2