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Birmingham Knights

April 13, 2014
Eagles a Step Away from the BBL Championship Title

BBL Championship Birmingham Knights 71 (17,32,49) (Benson 19, Hopkins 14, Lockett 13) Esh Group Eagles Newcastle 87 (19,32,56) (Cooke 24, Martin 23, Gause 17) Esh Group Eagles Newcastle will try to put their sub-par performance in an 87-71 victory against Birmingham Knights before Sunday’s clash with Surrey United for the BBL Championship title. An unusually…

April 11, 2014
The Friday Preview

It’s the penultimate weekend of the regular season and it could see the crowning of new BBL champions. Esh Group Eagles Newcastle are bidding to claim the win double at Birmingham Knights tomorrow night and then at Surrey United on Sunday, which will see them take the league title. “We will be focused on keeping…

December 21, 2013
Eagles Defeat Birmingham Knights 111-75

BBL Championship Esh Group Eagles Newcastle 111 (23,56,81) (Defoe 21, Cooke/Gause/Martin 20) Birmingham Knights 75 (17,38,56) (Hopkins 20, Martyn Gayle 18, Michael Gayle 8) Esh Group Eagles Newcastle have made it three straight league wins and went through the century for the seventh time this season in beating Birmingham Knights 111-75. The win sees the…

October 12, 2013
Eagles Soar Pass Birmingham

Esh Group Eagles Newcastle 129  (Cooke 27, Martin 24, Gause 22) Birmingham Knights 70  (Benson 22, Gayle 15, Rolls-Tyson 11) Esh Group Eagles Newcastle made it three wins in a row, taking a share of top spot/second in the BBL Championship, after comprehensively sweeping aside Birmingham Knights by 129-70 at Sport Central. It leaves the…

October 9, 2013
Eagles Welcome Birmingham Knights For The First Time

Esh Group Eagles Newcastle coach Fab Flournoy isn’t looking for big changes from his side following their first defeat – just hoping it is their day when they host Birmingham Knights on Friday. Eagles were beaten in overtime at Plymouth University Raiders last weekend for their first loss of the season. However, Flournoy sees no…