It was another solid season for Eagles forward Scott Martin who continues to show his all-round abilities at both ends of the court that makes him the type of player every BBL Coach and beyond would love to have in their team.

A fact acknowledged by the knowledgeable Geordie fans who awarded Martin the Team Player Award for 2015/16.

It’s a great honour. A player like myself who doesn’t put up big scoring numbers and that sort of thing to be recognised as someone that distributes the ball and just wants to win it’s a big recognition.”

I think if you play basketball you should be a team player. It’s a team game and one on five doesn’t win games. I just go out there and try to remember that the most important thing is to win games and if you win games it all takes care of itself.”

I think we did that and although we came up a game or two short here and there we still set some records this year and I think it was a good year.”

I think looking at our start it was great and you can’t take that away from us especially our comeback in The Cup Final. That showed a lot of heart from our team Sometimes you just can’t handle injuries.”

Injuries are the great unknown and we had a few at some untimely times and the ball just didn’t fall our way or roll our way when we needed it to and that’s how it works. That’s the game of basketball and that’s why you play and that’s why it’s fun and entertaining.”

Martin was also voted on to the bench of The BBL Team of the Season in 2015/16 another well deserved nod to his playing style and standing in the League.

I think any time you get recognised by the other Coaches it’s a big deal. They’re the guys that are scouting against you and trying to stop you. If you get that type of respect from them and they think you’re one of the top players in the League that’s always an honour.”

Martin has now played three consecutive years with The Eagles and has been consistent throughout no matter what role has been asked of him. How does he see that three years?

I don’t see that much of a difference. Obviously it’s a learning curve especially for myself coming from being an amateur to a professional in your first year. The second year winning everything was great.”

Even this year was great I think. If you look at it there’s small margins. If the ball bounces this way we win and if it bounces the other we don’t. For the most part it just happened to go our way and we were just one game short here and one game short there and sometimes just a few points made the difference.”

It was still a great experience and I was thrilled to play with these guys this year and I’ll remember it forever. I can’t speak enough about my team-mates and how much fun we had together.”

So what of Martin’s plans for the summer.

I go home to eat some Mexican food! You relax for a bit then you get back in to training and try to figure things out. You have to take a little time off to let your body heal especially someone like myself. But I should be good to go in about a month after I get home and then you start that training.”

And the always awkward question that so often brings the diplomatic answer, plans for next year?

To be determined. Obviously I enjoy my time in Newcastle. I’ll get together with those I need to talk with and we’ll figure out what we all think. It’s an ongoing process and that’s exactly what it is, a process.”

We’ll see how it goes and just have fun with it. In my eyes it’s all about having fun and it’s all about winning games and you worry about everything else later.”

I’m just living my dream and isn’t that what everyone wants. I play basketball for a living but it’s also a game I love and love to play. Like I say it’s all about having fun so we’ll see how it goes.”

One thing is for sure whoever lands Scott Martin in their ranks for next season will be getting an intelligent young man that loves life and loves basketball. They’ll also get someone that is dedicated to his profession and someone that likes to make everyone around him better.