FAB FLOURNOY has been handed a shock snub after being overlooked for this season’s BBL Coach of the Year award despite leading the Eagles to the league title.

Surprisingly, the man who has pipped the New Yorker to the accolade is none other than owner turned coach Vince Macaulay of Milton Keynes Lions – the side the Eagles face this weekend in the play-off semi-finals.

While Macaulay deservedly delivered a first piece of silverware to the Lions – ironically against the Eagles back in January – a few eyebrows have been raised within the game that Flournoy has missed out.

Perhaps Flournoy has now become a victim of his own success and misguided perceptions about the club, but the cold facts are that he has guided the Eagles to league championship success yet again.

Moreover, Flournoy has finished the regular season with the best win percentage and league record in 12 years – something he has achieved without the services of a recognised point guard for the most part, something almost unheard of in the sport.

Flournoy is no stranger to such awards and is a previous winner, having been named as top BBL coach when his side completed the clean sweep in 2005/6 and he went on to also be crowned as North-East Coach of the Year

Macaulay pooled 42% of the votes from the media to edge out Flournoy and the surprise result adds even more spice to what will be another explosive encounter between the clubs.

Macaulay will receive the trophy before the game – something that can only fire-up Flournoy and his players even more, according to Eagles Managing Director Paul Blake.

“I think that congratulations are definitely in order for Vince. I am glad he has won because without question he has done a good job.

“Many people think he had been out of coaching when he was focusing on running his club, but in reality he has always been involved.

“For the franchise to win and to get into the play-offs as well are two major achievements, and that hard work of his deserves some recognition.

“Having said that, I am a little bit disappointed that Fab hasn’t got it because if you look at his win record it is remarkable, and even better than when he actually won the award first time.”

“The point is that everyone at the club, including Fab, knows what he has achieved. The league trophy is evidence of that and I am sure it will be just the kind of extra motivation he needs to win Saturday’s game.”