Darius Defoe has revealed the story behind his illustrious 18 year career and love for Newcastle in the first of three videos produced by proud Eagles partners Vertu Motors.

The series focuses in on the details that made the Eagles British Basketball’s most successful team.

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It is another milestone season for Defoe, already the most decorated player in the history of the sport in this country with 27 trophies in 17 years, as he gets ready to break the 6000-point barrier.

In his own words the Eagles centre tells the story of his journey from Dominica to London and then to Tyneside started over 18 years ago.

Nicknamed “Mr. 27” for his achievements he looks back on how a visit to Newcastle for a basketball tournament for one weekend turned in to a record-breaking career.

“One day after basketball I got a message asking if I wanted to go to Newcastle for a tournament”, said Defoe.

“I said, ‘Newcastle, I don’t know where that is! Do I need passport?’ and he told me it was just three hours on a train”.

“After that Fab [Fabulous Flournoy, then player-coach] was calling me over and over about staying and joining. So, I asked my Mum and she wanted me out of London at the time. I came up here and the rest is history.”

Defoe talks in the video about his love for the city and its people a well as the huge role sport plays on Tyneside.

“Wherever you go in Newcastle it is sport. It’s either football, cricket, rugby, basketball”, the player added.

“Everyone here is so passionate about sport. The people make this city, they are so friendly.”

The now 37-year-old player also talks of the pride he has in the community of the city and what it means to him to be part of giving back to young people in the region, both in the Eagles Community Foundation’s Hoops 4 Health programme and in his new role as an Eagles Academy coach.

“I see a lot of young fans in the city and they come up to me and they’re really happy I went to their school”, Defoe added.

“They’re so excited and happy and I love to be able to put a smile on the kids face.

“But after 18 years as part of the Newcastle fabric, where is his true home?

“I see this as home. London is home, but this place is home, home. I am a part of the Geordie family.”

The video is available to watch and share in full now across the Newcastle Eagles Facebook Page and YouTube channel.