The Newcastle Eagles have been given an Energy Boost thanks to PJ Smoothies.

For the opening two weeks of the season each player has been provided with a bottle of PJ’s in their daily training packs. With a challenging season ahead head coach Fabulous Flournoy is pleased for the energy boost, commenting: “Playing in such a competitive arena requires peak fitness at all times, anything that can give the team some edge is welcome by me.”

Brand Manager, Jenny Watson, Brand Manager for PJ Smoothies, commented: “The PJ brand is all about living life to the full and grabbing it with both hands, we thought that the Eagles, and their positive and energetic team, perfectly embodied our brand message and we are very happy to help them out at the start of an important new season.”

Each 250ml bottle of PJ’s is brilliantly healthy containing over 2 out of 5 fruits recommended per day. The Eagles have been supplied with the Energy Boost flavour, containing peaches, pineapples and passionfruit with Yerbe mate, a South American herb known for its energising and stimulation qualities.

PJ’s are the original smoothie, founding the market back in 1994. Since then the smoothie market has grown substantially. It is now worth over £161 million, and is the fastest growing juice sector. The new flavour introduced by PJ Smoothies will boost the market even further. Growth in sales has been driven by growing health concerns and the now nationally renowned ‘five a day’ message.