Report by the Benfield School Sports Enterprise Challenge Media Team.

The Eagles played without their coach Fab Flournoy. The first half was close but then the Eagles picked up the pace and won.

The first quarter was quite tight with only a few points separating the teams, with the score ending at 18-23 to Guildford Heat. Towards the start of the game Joe Chapman stood out as the top basket scorer, scoring 6 points for the Eagles. Nearer the end of the first quarter Charles Smith scored two and Trey Moore scored one.

Kadiri Richard slam dunked three minutes into the second quarter of the game and kickstarted the Eagles. Joe Chapman scored a three pointer four minutes into the game, giving Eagles a 6 point lead against Guildford Heat. Eagles were fired up compared to the first quarter. With four minutes left Guilford scored two three pointers but then Kadiri Richard scored his second slam dunk. With 30 seconds left of the game Joe Chapman scored another three points. At half time the score was 45-39 to the Eagles.

In the third quarter four points were separating the Eagles and Guildford. Joe Chapman scored an early three pointer to boost the Eagles. From there the Eagles stretched out the lead. By the end of the third quarter the Eagles had a comfortable lead over the Heat, with the score at 77-62 to the Eagles.

By the fourth quarter there was no chance that the Heat were going to get back into the game. Trey Moore top scored with 29 points closely followed by Joe Chapman who scored 24 points.