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College Basketball League Team

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Our Newcastle Eagles Academy play in the College Basketball League (CBL) in the UK, which features the top Under-19 programmes in the country.

The CBL team is made up of student-athletes from Newcastle Eagles’ partner Newcastle College.



Anthony Reed

2023-24 ROSTER:

Guilherme Fragata
George Domigos
Patryk Brzeski
Mason James Skivington
Jesse Osarenkhoe
Marcus Gnezere
Fion Muldoon
Jonathan Osazee
Luis Costa
Akeem Johnson
Zack Wilkinson
Tobi Dawson
Farrell Kepngang
George Stephenson

AoC Team in Partnership with Newcastle College

Regional North East League


Will Neighbour

2023-24 ROSTER:

Max Emlytolic
Louis Thomas
Emmanuel Amori
Cleo Wealleans-Watts
Kane Townsley
Oliver Hallam
James Urron
Jeffrey Folorunsho
Robin Parker
Elliot Taylor
Lordgrace Teka
Jeremiah Mangena
Oakley Cave
Gillberto Vega
Tom Clayson
Dan Senior