On Christmas Eve our Eagles BBL team made themselves at home with a first tour and training session at our new Eagles Community Arena.

The new multi-million pound purpose-built venue will be completed over the next few weeks after the Christmas break, with the opening BBL game date set for Friday 11 January 2019.

Christmas Eve was the first chance our BBL team have had to walk around their new home venue.

Leading his team around the club’s own facility is something that Managing Director Paul Blake has been working towards for a long time.

“We were all extremely proud to be able to show the team the venue for the first time today, followed by their first training session,” said Blake.

Eagles Managing Director Paul Blake gave the BBL team a tour of the new arena.

“It’s been a long path, but incredible to think we have a home now. Day One of a new journey for the Eagles!”

Point guard Rahmon Fletcher returned to the club this season after a year in Europe excited at the prospect of taking to the court in a venue the Eagles can call their own.

After yesterday’s training session that excitement was definitely still there for Fletcher who said: “It was great to finally see the arena!”

“It looks amazing outside and inside. Credit to Paul, Sam and everybody involved, it’s a huge step in this city.

“It’s an honour and privilege to be a part of the growth. I’m humbled can’t wait to see it on opening day.”

Tickets are on sale for that opening day on Friday 11 January 2019 when our Eagles welcome Plymouth Raiders as the first BBL opposition:

Darius Defoe walking through the doors of our new arena for the first time.
Rahmon Fletcher looking forward to seeing the club’s new home.
Drew Lasker arriving excited to see the new venue.
Jamal Williams getting his first glimpse inside the foyer.
Eagles Assistant Coach Ian Macleod arriving for the first training session.
The team walk across what will be the BBL game court for the first time.
Our Eagles are looking forward to the first game.
A rare opportunity for the team and coaching staff to sit in the stands.
Eagles Managing Director Paul Blake gives the team a tour of some of the brand new hospitality suite spaces.
The team bask in the Christmas Eve morning sunshine breaking through the windows into the new hospitality suite.
Before heading to the changing rooms the team check out the rest of the foyer.
Behind the scenes the team find their way to the arena’s catering kitchen.
The backboards and baskets for our BBL game stanchions safely in storage ready for the first game.
The team inspect their new changing room for the first time.
Tour over it was time for the first training session at the Eagles Community Arena for our BBL squad and coaching staff.
Watched by the coaching and team management staff Drew Lasker makes his first of many hoops he will score at the new arena.