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Central Venue League – Under 16s Division

Under 16’s

Our Under 16’s division consists of 30 teams, In 3 divisions (fixtures below) from our 13 ECF clubs. (Click on club name to view their Facebook page)

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Under 16’s Rules

  1. Each game will consist of two 18-minute periods, running clock. Half time will be no more than 3 minutes. 
  2. The clock will be stopped only for dead balls within the last 60 seconds of last period. 
  3. Free throws will be awarded on the 8th team foul in each half, and all team fouls thereafter until the end of the half. 
  4. foul shots will have no line up for the first shot. This will be the time for players to huddle and work out a strategy. Line-up will be allowed for the final foul shot. 
  5. Any player who reaches five personal fouls will be disqualified from the game. 
  6. Any player who obtains either two technical fouls, two unsportsmanlike fouls or one of each will be disqualified from the game. 
  7. In the regular season tied games are possible. 
  8. Zone defence is not permitted 
  9. All players must be ECF members via the nest and signed up for CVL. 
  10. No timeouts for the whole game. 

Fixtures :

Under 16’s Division 1

Under 16’s Division 2

Under 16’s Division 3