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Newcastle College, Rye Hill Campus

September 29, 2018
Newcastle Eagles U18 Men vs Sheffield Sharks

1st quarter Eagles players struggle with the start of the game, going one second behind the defensive action and struggling to find easy options to score against a most intense team. Missing 4 free throws in a row Sharks got a 2-12 on their favour in the first 6 minutes which force Eagles coach to…

September 22, 2018
Newcastle Eagles U16 Boys vs Manchester Giants

The Eagles Academy under 16s began their league season with a loss to Manchester Giants at Newcastle College on Saturday; in a game they feel they probably could have won. As the game began the problems which dominated the day for the Eagles reared their head early on with a both offences struggling mightily to…

September 16, 2018
Newcastle Eagles U16 Boys vs Stirling Knights

It was a tough first game of the season for the academy under 16’s today as the youngsters struggled to impose their will on the game against reigning Scottish champions Stirling Knights. The game began in a positive fashion for the Eagles as they worked the ball inside to good effect on dribble drives from…

March 17, 2018
Newcastle Eagles U18 Men vs Myerscough College

Eagles season ends on a swoon Saturday saw Eagles u18’s School of Excellence squad end their season with a tough defeat to the mighty Myerscough College. The Eagles came in to the contest struggling for their usual strength in depth with only two of their usual fleet of guards fully healthy. Counting the absences of Ncube…