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Welcome to the Eagles Quarters Challenge, organised by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the Eagles Community Foundation with the aim of improving mental and physical health of staff.

The challenge is to complete 4 different tasks over the course of 24 hours. Each task should last at least 10 minutes (you can go for longer if you wish), the 4 quarters of ten minutes totals 40 minutes, which is the length of a British Basketball League match.


4 randomly selected tasks will be revealed when you have signed up to using the form below. Your tasks could include Walking, Suduko, Desk Exercises and Talking.

Every time you complete a set of 4 tasks log your tasks.

You can do this as many times as you like from Monday 28 June to Saturday 31 July.



Complete three or more sets of tasks to receive a 50% off discount voucher for up to four tickets to a Newcastle Eagles BBL or WBBL game during the forthcoming 2021-22 season.



Sign-up by completed the form below or if you have already signed-up previously you can go straight to the challenge generator and log your tasks here.

    If I choose to take part without consulting a doctor /against a doctor’s advice I do so at my own risk. I am liable for any injury caused to myself or others a result of my taking part.

    The information collected on this form will be stored securely and by ticking the box above I consent to Newcastle Eagles, Eagles Community Foundation and the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust processing my information under their GDPR privacy policy - a copy will be provided upon request.