That’s not to say I won’t put a “blog” on if there’s something worth telling you about that you don’t hear about elsewhere and gives me the chance to use my unique interpretation of events.

But, I need to wrap the 2016/17 to history and think about moving on and in that aspect my first job is to thank each and everyone of our fantastically loyal and appreciative supporters. That’s you BTW in case you hadn’t guessed.

A lot of teams, coaches, owners and players say they have the best fans in the country. I’m sure they all believe that too. But I genuinely think we do have that and add in that when I travel up and down the country I do not see the passion that you show from tip-off to buzzer and beyond anywhere else.

I think a lot of that is down to your knowledge too. I find Eagles fans have plenty to say and generally have a good balanced point of view, not something that I can always say about other clubs. So, to all of you that have once again followed us all year a very big thank you and we look forward to doing it again in September.

But, I’ve not finished yet! Do I comment on Sunday? Nah, not really. Much has been written and said about it. My take is this. Leicester are/were a very strong team that played together and gelled superbly on the day. Their game plan worked from start to finish and when it does their stacked roster proves virtually impossible to beat.

We had practised well all week, we were confident, we were ready and we had our game plan. But, credit to them they got their punch in first and we never recovered from that first blow to be able to run what we wanted and Plan B was not good enough.

Anyone that had been in the locker room after the game would have seen how hurt, upset and down the guys were. They really couldn’t understand what had happened and how it happened and i think the fact that we didn’t really discuss it showed that.

Instead we said what we thought of each other and thanked each other for another trophy-winning and successful season that has merely been trumped by one very, very good team.

I even saw somewhere that The Eagles should apologise for the performance and give the travelling fans their money back. What a ridiculous suggestion. Hey, we were outfought and outplayed on the day but at least we got there in the first place.

And also if my memory serves me right we also won The BBL Cup and finished second in the league. I think ever other Club bar one would gladly have swapped their season for ours.

So, now to next season. Who’ll be here, who, if any will leave, if any do leave who will come in? All questions to be answered over the coming couple of months but let me tell you the planning has already started in earnest and make no mistake we know what we need and what we want.

So, until September, enjoy your summer!